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Work: Print, Identity, Web & More

A variety of posters, t-shirts, logos, websites and other digital work, as well as some more traditional illustration. If you want, contact me about projects.


Bane T-shirt

Not Food Pyramid T-shirt

Don't Forget Your Roots T-shirt

Foundation T-shirt


Jruby Logo

Matt Miller Logo & Business Cards

Zac X Wolf Logo

Various Logos


Trapped Under Ice Poster

Food Allergy Awareness Double Feature Movie Poster

Out of Step: Faces of Straightedge

Cro-Mags Poster

Cassie & John

Foundation Record Release Poster 2008

Foundation Record Release Poster 2007

Gorilla Biscuits Poster

Bane Poster

Instilled Final Show Poster


Youngblood Gallery Sk8 or Die V

Youngblood Gallery Sk8 or Die IV

Free Art Friday: Skater

Free Art Friday: Holy Frijoles

Web Design

Energy Advisory Service


Banner Mattress Responsive Mobile Site

Willis Furniture

Impact Consulting Services

Vaughan Furniture Company