Artist's sketch of the, uh... artist

Hand-painted Custom Shoes

Each pair is hand-painted using fabric and paint markers in combination with Sharpies and various pens. Currently, custom shoes are $300 USD, with $15 shipping in the United States. Shipping costs outside the U.S. will vary (read: be expensive).

All shoes are completely custom. Shoes, as you see them here, are not for sale.

I prefer working on canvas Vans, but if there is another brand that also makes a canvas (or something equally animal-friendly) shoe I am more than happy to try.

Hippo/Unicorn Apocalypse

Pig & Rooster

Sharks Vs. Robots

Owls #1

Cherry Blossom Vans Slip-ons, commissioned by Vans for a store in Washington, DC

Monsters & Ice Cream, commissioned by Vans for a store in northern California

Octopus Vs. Ship

Owls #2

Andy & Aki (wedding present from bride)

Albert & Penelope

DMK Graffiti

Kelp Forest

Tide Pools

Zombie Love


Dead Bunny Scooter Club