Artist's sketch of the, uh... artist

About Me, Myself & I

Hello, my name is Tony Price.

I am a web/graphic designer living in Duluth, Georgia with my wife Jill, and our son Milo.

The world of art came to me quickly once I discovered that I could draw fairly well. Soon I was drawing anything and everything, but mostly GI Joe, Transformers and the like.

Once I started skateboarding with all the other kids in my neighborhood, my world was opened up to an entirely new universe of music and art through Thrasher Magazine and skate videos. I couldn’t stop drawing the various Powell-Peralta skulls, the H-Street logo and anything by Andy Howell. It was this love of imagery that attracted me to graphic design several years later.

I still love to draw, and I continue to incorporate that into design when deemed appropriate. Doing custom, hand-painted illustrations on canvas shoes was something I never would have imagined getting involved in, but I did, and I enjoy it as a break from the computer.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line!




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