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This world won’t defeat me

Posted on by Tony

The watch may be broken, but the edge is strong. Happy Edge Day to fellow edge brothers and sisters.

It doesn’t seem strange to me, at 35 years old, to be straight edge. Back in my early twenties though, this would have been a big deal to me. Mind-blowing stuff. There weren’t many straight edge people that remained that way into their 30’s back then. There was always one or two dudes that were still edge that late, but it seemed so far away for all of us still growing up in the hardcore scene that we didn’t really think that would be us one day.

And here I am, halfway through my thirties and still without an inkling to pop open a beer. Not that I really care if anyone drinks. And I am actually in favor of legalizing marijuana. But that lifestyle, it’s just not me.

Drugs and alcohol never really appealed to me, even before I knew what straight edge was. I’ve been stuck with dudes smoking weed and at plenty of parties that I could have easily just given up and got totally hammered, but it has just never been what I wanted to do. That’s one reason that it’s so easy for me to live a drug-free life. It’s the only way I can live. Any other way would be trying too hard to be something I’m not.

So to my non-edge friends, I raise my glass of sweat tea to you. I love you all just as much. And to all my fellow edgemen and women, Happy Edge Day. There are many more of you now, into your thirties (and forties), than ever before. Don’t let this world defeat you.

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