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Best Records of 2012

Posted on by Tony

Pull it out, turn it up, what’s your favorite song? That’s mine, I’ve been crying to it since I was young So now is the time of year for everyone’s best-ofs, top-tens, and favorites from 2012. Things are no different … Continue reading

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Don’t blame me…

Posted on by Tony

Whenever I get frustrated with the candidates involved in a particular two-party election, like we are seeing now, I think about voting for a third-party option. And then I think of this: “Go ahead, throw your vote awaaay!” Whatever happens in … Continue reading

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This world won’t defeat me

Posted on by Tony

It doesn’t seem strange to me, at 35 years old, to be straight edge. Back in my early twenties though, this would have been a big deal to me. Mind-blowing stuff. There weren’t many straight edge people that remained that … Continue reading

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So here’s a new thing

Posted on by Tony

As you can see, there is a fancy new site here at, built using WordPress. I’ve been using WP a lot more lately and liked what I saw, so I thought why not give it a shot. The site … Continue reading

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